AVPN Global
Conference 2023

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This annual conference brings together leaders from Asia and beyond to collectively envision an impact future that is inclusive, equitable and sustainable.

Importantly, this event is also an opportunity to build trust between social investors, philanthropists and community impact leaders that will be the essential ingredients for Asia’s success.

Back in 1996 when she started, SHINTA WITOYO DHANUWARDOYO had to explain to potential clients what the internet was let alone why they needed a website. Today she is considered one of Asia-Pacific’s most important tech leaders.

The Global Innovation Fund finds and funds innovations with the potential to transform the lives of people living on less than $5 a day. Asia-Pacific lead in ESG and gender equality, KATIE CARRASCO discusses how the organisation fills a unique gap.

Originating as a sale and later a donation of its 51% shares in Bangladesh, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer catalysed the Sajida Foundation to emerge as a philanthropic leader explains Executive Director, ZAHIDA KABIR.

The efficiencies big data analysis and machine-learning will have on measuring the effectiveness of impact investing is an exciting road ahead says leading sustainable finance professional BRADLEY BUSETTO.

Using the “forgotten” crop Bambara Groundnut as the bedrock of a growing global food business is one the world’s best case studies of circularity in action. Co-Founder and CEO CHRIS LANGWALLNER explains why.

From providing policy advice to governments to spearheading national programs on education, employment and entrepreneurship, the UN’s Deputy Country Representative in India, KANTA SINGH, is a powerful and motivating voice for women right across the Asia-Pacific.

From a vision to help the tribal indigenous areas of Maharashtra after visiting the State, Dr. SARIKA KULKARNI’S Raah Foundation was born and has since impacted the lives of more than 60,000 people – its vision for 2030 is to help 100,000 more.

UBS’ Optimus Foundation assists the high net-worth network of the bank’s clients to drive positive social and environmental change as Global Head of Social Impact & Philanthropy, TOM HALL, explains.

With more than 30,000 employees working in one the most environmentally challenging sectors, Indonesia’s largest garment manufacturer, Pan Brothers, is leading the way in its commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals focusing on people, planet and profit as Vice CEO ANNE SUTANTO explains.

Conscious capital, social/impact investing and Corporate Social Responsibility are all genuinely worthy mandates and aspirations but how funds are allocated to achieve these ambitions with tangible outcomes is another story. BONNIE CHIU is attempting to close that loop.

Climate change and the critical focus on sustainability has sparked innovation and adaptation initiatives across the globe. DANNY WRIGHT put his energies into parts of Asia where reliable access to safe drinking water continues to present a significant challenge.

A passionate educator and a mental health advocate, Dr NEERJA BIRLA’s Aditya Birla Education Trust has changed the lives of more than 20 million people through clinical interventions, counselling, education and other pioneering initiatives.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) partners to support localised solutions to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Technical Specialist, Climate Finance and Investment, CHARLES YU discusses some of the UNDP’s funded initiatives.

Lever for Change is a unique organisation that in just four years, has placed 1.5 billion philanthropic dollars with innovators tackling the world’s biggest issues like racial equity, gender equality, access to economic opportunity and climate change. CEO CECILIA CONRAD explains how the model works.

Financial institutions clearly play a pivotal role in carbon reduction and social impact through the lending and investment portfolios they hold. EUGENIA KOH, Global Head of Sustainable Finance, Consumer, Private and & Business Banking Division at Standard Chartered Bank explains how the group assesses the critical criteria.

As KPMG’s regional head of ESG, Dr. NIVEN HUANG is at the forefront of advisory and transition helping companies, industries and governments to innovate and collaborate on the road to net-zero carbon emissions.

Since its inception as an independent grant-making foundation in 2015, Yayasan Hasanah has impacted the lives of millions of Malaysians focusing on community, social and environmental issues. Managing Director and Trustee, DATO’ SHAHIRA AHMED BAZARI, discusses the future of this dynamic organisation.

With more than 1300 delegates, AVPN’s annual conference is the epicentre of capital connections that can impact the lives of millions of people. The organisation’s CEO, NAINA SUBBERWAL BATRA, explains how this important event catalyses change.

The Managing Director of Malaysia’s Sovereign Wealth Fund, DATO’ AMIRUL FEISAL WAN ZAHIR, explains the unique “dual mandate” approach Khazanah Nasional Berhad takes to effective impact investing and philanthropy.

One of India’s leading industrialists, AJAY PIRAMAL Chairs a multi-billion dollar business that has been operating a philanthropic foundation for 15 years that now impacts more than 113 million people in India.

KATHLEEN CHEW is an inspirational advocate for women in business and heads the YTL Foundation that was established to enable equitable access to education and help develop value-led female leaders of the future.

Access to quality education is universally accepted as a basic human right but the reality in emerging markets isn’t so straightforward. SANDEEP ANEJA’s Kaizenvest is bridging that gap.

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