AVPN Global
Conference 2024

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

This annual conference brings together leaders from Asia and beyond to collectively envision an impact future that is inclusive, equitable and sustainable.

Importantly, this event is also an opportunity to build trust between social investors, philanthropists and community impact leaders that will be the essential ingredients for Asia’s success.

The world’s third most-populous nation and growing by around three-million people every year, Indonesia has its challenges to navigate in the years ahead and it is planning for them now. A strategic vision to nurture a green economy – including the appeal of its tourism offering – is the cornerstone of future growth as MINISTER SANDIAGA UNO explains.

The United Arab Emirates is forging ahead with bold initiatives to tackle some of the world’s most critical issues. 

HIS EXCELLENCY SULTAN AL SHAMSI discusses how the International Humanitarian and Philanthropic Council aims to have a profound global impact.

As climate change continues to have wider and wider impacts on our planet, the speed of our response through innovation must accelerate. UNICEF’S Venture Fund is one such initiative  helping to spark technology solutions aimed at solving issues emerging for children in developing countries as PATTY ALLEMAN explains.

To achieve the level of funding required to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges, UBS’ TOM HALL argues that enabling wealthy donors to pool resources as “Collective Philanthropy” is the most impactful way to leverage capital. The principle also encourages collaborations across the private and public sectors sharing expertise for optimal outcomes.

As the figurehead of Asia’s lead ecosystem builder that moves capital towards impact, NAINA SUBBERWAL BATRA plays an important global role connecting investors to drive meaningful and permanent change for millions of people. Here she explains the importance of the Global Conference to AVPN’S mandate to ensuring resources are most effectively deployed.

With a focus on sustainability, the Zayed Foundation operates as an endowment fund supporting impact investments in the Far East, US, Europe and the Middle East. As Director of Investments MR TARIQ BADRAN explains, the organisation’s diverse portfolio enables it to balance its risk appetite in a different way to sovereign funds.

The World Health Organisation’s Foundation was created as an independent Swiss foundation affiliated with but independent of the WHO to marshal new resources from philanthropists, foundations, businesses, and individuals to support its mission: promote health, keep the world safe, and serve the vulnerable as REEM ABDELHAMID explains.

As Co-Founder RAJIV LALL explains, Mondiale Impact brings together experienced leaders at the forefront of shaping sustainable and impact markets, with a shared mission to accelerate the governance response needed to meet the urgency and scale of sustainability issues and opportunities confronting leaders, their organisations and society.

Australia’s Menzies Foundation supports leadership platforms that facilitate the exploration, understanding and codification of approaches to leadership. CEO LIZ GILLIES discusses the Foundation’s role as system entrepreneurs functioning as “incubators to address challenges at scale”.

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