Right across the APAC Network we engage with Asia-Pacific’s brightest minds, its boldest thinkers and its genuine changemakers.

These globally-acclaimed thought-leaders are sharing their expertise and collaborating to help shape the optimal way forward for our region - and our planet - during the most critical period in human history.

Mark Howden

Prof. Mark Howden

Mark is the Director of the Institute for Climate, Energy & Disaster Solutions at The Australian National University.

Renate Egan

Prof. Renate Egan

Renate leads UNSW Sydney's activity in the Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics and is Deputy Head of School (Engagement) for Solar PV and Renewable Energy Engineering.

Dr Tony Matthews

Dr Tony Matthews

A Senior Lecturer at Griffith University, Tony is an award-winning Urban and Environmental Planner with portfolios in academia, practice and the media. 

Veena Sahajwalla

Prof. Veena Sahajwalla

Veena is Scientia Professor of Materials Science and Director of the Sustainable Materials Research & Technology Centre (SMaRT) at UNSW Sydney.

Prof. Lan Snell

Prof. Lan Snell

Lan is Head of School and Dean at University of Southern Queensland and has 20+ years leadership experience across both academia and industry.

Prof. Peter Newman

Prof. Peter Newman

Peter is a John Curtin Distinguished Professor in Sustainability at Curtin University and is globally recognised in urban planning and transport.

Celine DOrgeville

Prof. Céline d'Orgeville

Professor Céline d’Orgeville is the Australian National University Advanced Instrumentation and Technology Centre (AITC) Deputy Director.

Prof. Raina MacIntyre

Prof. Raina MacIntyre

Raina is Professor of Global Biosecurity, NHMRC Principal Research Fellow and Head of the Biosecurity Program at the Kirby Institute, UNSW Sydney.

Dr Roberto Aguilera

Dr Roberto Aguilera

Roberto is an Energy Economist at Curtin University’s Oil and Gas Innovation Centre and the author of The Price of Oil.

Prof. Tama Leaver

Prof. Tama Leaver

Tama is an Internet Studies Expert at Curtin University, whose research interests include children’s data, privacy and rights in an online world.

Dr Cassandra Steer

Dr Cassandra Steer

Cassandra is a Mission Specialist with the Australian National University (ANU) Institute of Space (InSpace), and a Senior Lecturer at the College of Law.

Dr Tess Newton Cain

Dr Tess Newton Cain

Tess is the Project Lead for the Pacific Hub at the Griffith Asia Institute and has 25 years of experience working in the Pacific Islands region.

Prof. Paul Burke

Prof. Paul Burke

Paul is an economist and Head of the Arndt-Corden Department of Economics, Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University (ANU).

Dr Catherine Ball

Dr Catherine Ball

Catherine is an Associate Professor at the Australian National University (ANU) and a champion of diversity and inclusion.

Prof. John Mavrogenes

Prof. John Mavrogenes

John is a Professor of Economic Geology teaching undergraduates at the Australian National University (ANU) and working in the experimental petrology group.

Dr Mark Diesendorf

Dr Mark Diesendorf

Mark is an Honorary Associate Professor in Environment and Society at UNSW Sydney, and a senior editor for energy at the international journal, Global Sustainability.

Prof. Mattheos Santamouris

Prof. Mattheos Santamouris

Mattheos Santamouris is a Scientia Distinguished Professor of High-Performance Architecture at UNSW whose research focuses on energy conservation in high-performance architecture.

Prof. Greg Leslie

Prof. Greg Leslie

Greg is Director of the UNSW Global Water Institute and a professor in the School of Chemical Engineering at UNSW Sydney.

Prof. Chris Pettit

Prof. Chris Pettit

Chris is Director of the City Futures Research Centre, inaugural Professor of Urban Science at UNSW Sydney, and his expertise is in the convergence of city planning and digital technologies.

Dr Xiaoqi Feng

Dr Xiaoqi Feng

Xiaoqi is Associate Professor of Urban Health and Environment in the UNSW Sydney School of Population Health and an Honorary Professorial Fellow at the George Institute for Global Health.

Prof. John Fletcher

Prof. John Fletcher

John is Professor of Energy Systems and Director of the Digital Grid Futures Institute at UNSW Sydney, and specialises in power electronics, electrical machine drives, and electric propulsion.

Prof. Jonti Horner

Prof. Jonti Horner

Jonti is an astronomer and astrobiologist based at the University of Southern Queensland who is a passionate science communicator and teacher.

Prof. David Buttsworth

Prof. David Buttsworth

David is a rocket scientist the University of Southern Queensland working on spacecraft heat shields and scramjet propulsions systems with the potential to change the way we launch satellites.

Prof. Paul Salmon

Prof. Paul Salmon

Paul is the creator and Director of the Centre for Human Factors and Sociotechnical Systems at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Dr Jacqueline Burgess

Dr Jacqueline Burgess

Jacqueline joined the School of Business and Creative Industries at the University of the Sunshine Coast as Lecturer in International Business in February 2020.

Dr Shannon Brincat

Dr Shannon Brincat

Shannon is a Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations at the University of the Sunshine Coast and specialises in Critical International Relations Theory.

Dr Gregor Mews

Dr Gregor Mews

Gregor is a Lecturer in Urban Design and Town Planning at the University of the Sunshine Coast and has led local, national and international projects in the nexus urban design and health.

Dr Christian Rinke

Dr Christian Rinke

Christian is a Senior Lecturer at the Australian Centre for Ecogenomics and his research interests include the phylogeny, taxonomy and ecology of free living and symbiotic bacteria and archaea.

Dr Kelvin Tan

Dr Kelvin Tan

Kelvin is an Associate Professor in Finance at The University of Queensland Business School who has earned a reputation as a researcher and expert in corporate finance.

Prof. Jason Byrne

Prof. Jason Byrne

Jason is Professor of Human Geography and Planning at the University of Tasmania. He researches urban greenspace, climate change adaptation, and environmental inequality.

Greg Vann

Greg Vann

Greg is a Director Planning at the national city making firm Ethos Urban and qualified in planning and economics. He has worked with communities across the nation on making the most of their place in the world.

Dr Deborah Elms

Dr Deborah Kay Elms

Deborah is the Founder and Executive Director of the Asian Trade Centre and the President of the Asia Business Trade Association.

Mark Swinnerton

Mark Swinnerton

Mark is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Green Gravity, an innovative clean technologies start-up working on transforming historic mining legacies into green and vibrant providers of renewable energy.

Namrata Goswami

Dr Namrata Goswami

Namrata is an Independent Scholar on Space Policy and Great Power Politics and teaches at the Thunderbird School of Global Management, Arizona State University.

Thomas Dorame

Thomas Dorame

Thomas is Senior Vice President of Symposium 365, the premier source for media and events in the global space ecosystem, offering authoritative news and information and venues for networking and conducting business.

Dr Jared Greenville

Dr Jared Greenville

Jared joined the ABARES in 2018 and is currently Executive Director, leading the Agricultural Forecasting and Trade Branch.

Mike Kalms

Mike Kalms

Mike is Partner in Charge, Customer & Operations | Lead Partner, Defence & Space at KPMG, Australia's national Customer & Operations Advisory group with more than 600 partners and expert consultants.

Till Weidner

Till Weidner

Till is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Sustainable Process Systems Engineering Lab at ETH Zurich, evaluating the sustainability of green technologies and energy systems.

Randy Mulyanto

Randy Mulyanto

Randy is a Freelance Journalist currently covering Indonesia and Timor-Leste for media titles in Asia and beyond.

Prof. Justin Marshall

Prof. Justin Marshall

Justin is an Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow in the Queensland Brain Institute at The University of Queensland and leads the Sensory Neurobiology Group (Marshall Lab).

Luke Kirke

Dr Luke Kirke

Luke has more than 25 years’ experience through various roles with Australia’s most reputable organisations working across sectors including infrastructure, property and international capital markets.
Matthew England

Prof. Matthew England

Matthew is Scientia Professor of Ocean & Climate Dynamics at the UNSW Sydney Climate Change Research Centre and Deputy Director of the ARC Australian Centre for Excellence in Antarctic Science.
Kate Trinajstic

Prof. Kate Trinajstic

Kate's expertise primarily lies in vertebrate palaeontology. Her current work focuses on how the early vertebrates evolved novel morphology such as an internal skeleton and complex musculature.

Ben Newell

Prof. Ben Newell

Ben Newell is Professor of Cognitive Psychology and Deputy Head of the School of Psychology at UNSW Sydney.
Donna Ferretti

Dr. Donna Ferretti

Donna Ferretti is an urban and regional planner with over 35 years’ experience working in state and local government, the private sector and as an academic teaching planning at the University of South Australia.
Chris Kirkland

Prof. Chris Kirkland

Chris leads the Timescales of Mineral Systems Group based at Curtin University in Perth.
Sofia Samper Carro

Dr Sofia Samper Carro

Dr Sofia Samper Carro is a post-doctoral researcher at the Australian National University College of Asia and the Pacific.
Milo Barham

Dr. Milo Barham

Milo is an Associate Professor at Curtin University where he is the lead of the Bachelor of Advanced Science.
Matt Trau

Prof. Matt Trau

Matt is a 2022 ARC Australian Laureate Fellow and Professor of Chemistry and Director of the Centre for Personalised Nanomedicine at the University of Queensland.
Dr Lee Morgenbesser

Dr Lee Morgenbesser

Lee is a Senior Lecturer with the School of Government and International Relations at Griffith University, and a regular contributor to international media outlets.

Caroline Riot

Dr Caroline Riot

Caroline is the Director, Games Partnerships and Engagement and is leading Griffith University's strategy for the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Steven Ciobo

Steven Ciobo

Australia's former Minister for Trade, Tourism & Investment, Steven currently works in an advisory role in private equity and asset management.
Anna Mortimore

Dr. Anna Mortimore

Anna is a Lecturer in the Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics in the Griffith University Business School specialising in taxation.
Kate Meyrick

Kate Meyrick

Kate is the Director of Urbis and is undertaking her PhD programme about the future of Australian cities and communities at Curtin University’s School of Design and Built Environment.

Prof. Rosalind Archer

Prof. Rosalind Archer

Rosalind is the Head of the School of Engineering and Built Environment at Griffith University and she holds a PhD Engineering from Stanford University.

Nick Barter

Prof. Nick Barter

Nick Barter is a Professor of Strategy and Sustainability at Griffith University.
Ben Rich

Dr. Ben Rich

Ben is a Senior Lecturer in history and international relations and is the co-director of the Curtin Extremism Research Network based at Curtin University in Perth.
Steven Tingay

Prof. Steven Tingay

John Curtin Distinguished Professor Steven Tingay is an astrophysicist. He is Executive Director of the Curtin Institute of Radio Astronomy (CIRA) at Curtin University in Perth.
Dr Caroline Knight

Dr Caroline Knight

Caroline is an organisational psychologist and Research Fellow at Curtin University’s Future of Work Institute.

Dr Franzisca Weder

Dr Franzisca Weder

A Senior Lecturer at the University of Queensland, Franzisca Weder is researching, writing and teaching in the areas of Organisational Communication and Public Relations.
Damber Bista

Damber Bista

Damber Bista is a PhD candidate at The University of Queensland’s School of Agriculture and Food Science.
Vikas Garg

Vikas Garg

Vikas is Founder and CEO of 'abillion'; a social impact focused social media platform.

Nicholas (Ned) Ekins-Daukes

Ned is a Professor at the UNSW Sydney School of Photovoltaic & Renewable Energy Engineering.

Park Thaichon

Assoc. Prof. Park Thaichon

Park Thaichon is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Southern Queensland.
Xiaojing Hao

Prof. Xiaojing Hao

Xiaojing is a professor in the School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering at UNSW Sydney and an ARC Future Fellow.
Steven Okun

Steve Okun

Steven is the Founder and CEO of APAC Advisors, is a leader on corporate public affairs, ESG, sustainability and stakeholder engagement.

Prof. Caitlin Byrne

As Pro Vice Chancellor (Business), Griffith University, Caitlin is committed to the delivery of contemporary business education and scholarship.
Raimund Klein

Raimund Klein

Raimund is the CEO of the International Centre for Industrial Transformation (INCIT).
Hrvoje Tkalcic

Prof. Hrvoje Tkalčić

Professor Hrvoje Tkalčić is Head of Geophysics at the Australian National University's Research School of Earth Sciences.
Brendan Mackey

Prof. Brendan Mackey

Brendan is Director of the Griffith Climate Action Beacon and Griffith Climate Change Response Program at Griffith University.
Michael Kidd

Prof. Michael Kidd AO

Michael is an Australian primary care and public health researcher, medical educator, author and clinician leader.
Susanne Schmidt

Prof. Susanne Schmidt

Susanne is a scientist and educator at The University of Queensland. At the intersect of agricultural and biological science, she leads a team researching natural and agroecosystems.

Christoph Breidbach

Dr. Christoph Breidbach

Christoph is Associate Professor of Business Information Systems at The University of Queensland Business School.
Michelle Howard

Michelle Howard

Michelle Howard is a Fellow of the Planning Institute of Australia and an internationally accredited facilitator and strategic planner.
Nataliea Lowson

Nataliea Lowson

Nataliea Lowson is a PhD Candidate at the University of Southern Queensland, researching the atmospheres of exoplanets.

Dr. Ekta Sharma

Dr. Ekta Sharma is an artificial intelligence Researcher at the University of Southern Queensland.
Gary Schenk

Prof. Gary Schenk

A Professor at The University of Queensland, Gary's research focuses on the discovery, characterisation and optimisation of enzymes.
Mingming Cheng

Dr. Mingming Cheng

Mingming is an Associate Professor in Digital Marketing and Director of the Social Media Research Lab at Curtin University.
Nam-Trung Nguyen

Prof. Nam-Trung Nguyen

Nam-Trung is Director of Griffith University’s Queensland Micro and Nanotechnology Centre.
Justin Gooding

Prof. Justin Gooding

Justin is a UNSW Sydney Scientia Professor and currently a National Health and Medical Research Council Leadership Fellow.
Jessica Heim

Jessica Heim

Jessica is a PhD candidate at the University of Southern Queensland's Centre for Astrophysics.
Fred Jourdan

Prof. Fred Jourdan

Fred is a Professor and geochronologist / geochemist at the School of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Curtin University.
Abraham Leung

Abraham Leung

Abraham is the Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellow at the Griffith University.
Karin Sanders

Prof. Karin Sanders

Karin is Professor of Human Resource Management and Organisational Psychology and Senior Deputy Dean (Research & Enterprise) at UNSW Sydney.

Andrea Haefner

Dr. Andrea Haefner

Andrea is a Senior Lecturer at Griffith University's Griffith Asia Institute.
Prof. Bill Randolph

Prof. Bill Randolph

Bill is Professor of the City Futures Research Centre, where he specialises in housing policy, housing markets and affordability, urban renewal and metropolitan planning policy issues.
Ken Baldwin

Prof. Ken Baldwin

Ken is the inaugural Director of the Australian National University’s Energy Change Institute now part of the ANU Institute for Climate, Energy and Disaster Solutions.
Deo Prasad

Prof. Deo Prasad

Deo is a Distinguished Professor (Scientia) at UNSW Sydney and an international authority on sustainable buildings and cities.
Alex Jenkins

Alex Jenkins

Alex is Director of the WA Data Science Innovation Hub (WADSIH) at Curtin University.
Eun Young Song

Dr. Eun Young Song

Eun Young is Lecturer in Management at the Research School of Management of the Australian National University.
Heather Shewan

Dr. Heather Shewan

Heather is an Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellow at the University of Queensland.

Prof. Louwrens Hoffman

Louwrens is a Meat Scientist working at the Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences.

Prof. Dora Marinova

Dora is a Professor of Sustainability at Curtin University.
Andrea La Nauze

Dr. Andrea La Nauze

Andrea is a Lecturer in the School of Economics at the University of Queensland.
Peter Wainman

Peter Wainman

Peter is a professional entrepreneur with a background in private equity, scientific research and innovation.

Prof. Katherine Daniell

Katherine is a transdisciplinary academic at the Australian National University in the School of Cybernetics.
David Tuffley

Dr. David Tuffley

David is a Senior Lecturer in Applied Ethics and CyberSecurity at Griffith University's School of ICT.

Xueyin Zha

Xueyin Zha

Xueyin Zha is a doctoral candidate at the Australian National University.
Hal Pawson

Prof. Hal Pawson

Hal is Professor of Housing Research and Policy at the UNSW Sydney.
John Olynyk

Prof. John Olynyk

John is Associate Dean and Head of the Medical Discipline at Curtin University.
David Smith

David Smith

David is the Chair and CEO of Ceres Tag.

Prof. Petra Tschakert

Petra leads the Energy Humanities Initiative in Curtin University’s Faculty of Humanities and Curtin’s Institute for Energy Transition.
Lennert Veerman

Prof. Lennert Veerman

Lennert is Professor of Public Health at Griffith University, School of Medicine and Dentistry.
Steven Sherwood

Prof. Steven Sherwood

At UNSW Sydney, Steven researches atmospheric science and climate change, specialising in the various roles played by humidity in the atmosphere.
Andrew Blakers

Prof. Andrew Blakers

Andrew is Emeritus Professor of Engineering at the Australian National University.

Assoc. Prof. Tatyana Chtanova

Tatyana is the head of the Innate and Tumour Immunology laboratory, School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences, UNSW Sydney.
Colin Klein

Prof. Colin Klein

Colin is a Professor in the ANU School of Philosophy.

Prof. Pall Thordarson

Pall is the Director of the UNSW RNA Institute and the President of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute.
Randall Wayth

Assoc. Prof. Randall Wayth

Randall leads the Astronomical Instrumentation team in the Curtin Institute of Radio Astronomy.
Sean O'Byrne

Assoc. Prof. Sean O'Byrne

Sean is Deputy Head of School for Research at the School of Engineering and IT at UNSW Canberra.
Michele Burford

Prof. Michele Burford

Michele is a Professor in the Australian Rivers Institute, Griffith University.

Christine Erbe

Prof. Christine Erbe

Christine is a John Curtin Distinguished Professor in the School of Earth and Planetary Science at Curtin University.
Jason Sharples

Prof. Jason Sharples

An internationally recognised expert in dynamic bushfire behaviour, Jason is a mathematical scientist at UNSW Sydney.
Olaf Meynecke

Dr. Olaf Meynecke

Olaf is a Research Fellow at Griffith University's Coastal and Marine Research Centre.
Helen Wallace

Prof. Helen Wallace

Helen is currently Acting Director of the Centre for Planetary Health and Food Security at Griffith University.
Fatemeh Vafaee

Dr. Fatemeh Vafaee

Fatemeh is the Deputy Director of UNSW Data Science Centre and Founding CEO of OmniOmics.
Natalie Taylor

Assoc. Prof. Natalie Taylor

Natalie is Director of Research at the School of Population Health at UNSW Sydney.
Frank Jotzo

Prof. Frank Jotzo

Frank is Professor of Climate Change Economics and Policy at the Australian National University’s Crawford School of Public Policy.
Graeme Hughes

Graeme Hughes

Graeme is Director of the Business Lab at Griffith University.

Assoc. Prof. Chris O. Ifediora

Chris is an Associate Professor with the Griffith University School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Assoc. Prof. Andrea Taschetto

Andrea is an Associate Professor at the Climate Change Research Centre and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes at the UNSW Sydney.

Prof. Natalie Klein

Natalie is a Professor at UNSW Sydney’s Faculty of Law & Justice, Australia, and an Australian Research Council Future Fellow.

Prof. Dewei Chu

Dewei is a Professor at School of Materials Science and Engineering, UNSW Sydney.
Luc Doucet

Dr. Luc Doucet

Luc moved to Curtin University in March 2018 to join the Earth Dynamics Research Group.
Daniel Kiely

Dr. Daniel Kiely

Daniel is a Senior Research Fellow with the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre.
Khosro Kamili

Khosro Zangeneh Kamali

Khosro is a PhD candidate at the Australian National University's Research School of Physics, ARC Centre of Excellence for TMOS.

Khawlah Alateeq

Khawlah Alateeq

Khawlah is a neuroscientist with a specialisation in neuroimaging at the Australian National University.
Joshua White

Joshua White

Joshua is a PhD student at the Australian National University.

Assoc. Prof. Jian Zhao

Jian is an Associate Professor in food science at the School of Chemical Engineering, UNSW Sydney.
Tatiana Bur

Dr. Tatiana Bur

Tatiana is a Lecturer in Classics at the Australian National University.
Susanne Becken

Prof. Susanne Becken

Susanne is a Professor of Sustainable Tourism at Griffith University.
Prof. Matthew Burke

Prof. Matthew Burke

Matthew is Deputy Director of the Cities Research Institute at Griffith University and is Griffith's Chair Professor for two transport research collaborations.

Hank Haeusler

Assoc. Prof. Matthias Hank Haeusler

Matthias is the Founding Director of the Computational Design degree at UNSW Sydney.

Nitika Garg

Prof. Nitika Garg

Nitika is a Professor in the UNSW Sydney School of Marketing.
Dr Anne Cullen

Dr Anne Cullen

Anne is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Business Strategy and Innovation at Griffith University and has never regretted choosing Asia as an area of academic and personal interest.

Haris Aziz

Assoc. Prof. Haris Aziz

Haris is a Scientia Associate Professor at UNSW Sydney and Director of the UNSW AI Institute.

Dr. Maximilian Droellner

Maximilian is a geologist and a Research Associate at the Timescales of Mineral Systems Group at Curtin University.

Adele Pentland

Adele is a palaeontologist and PhD student at Curtin University.
Blake Lawrence

Dr. Blake Lawrence

Blake is a Lecturer in the Curtin School of Population Health at Curtin University.
Patrick Burr

Dr. Patrick Burr

Patrick is an ARC Industry Fellow and Associate Professor in Nuclear Materials at the UNSW Sydney.

Paul Gauthier

Prof. Paul Gauthier

Paul is Professor of Protected Cropping at UQ's Queensland Alliance for Agriculture.
Ariel Isaacs

Dr. Ariel Isaacs

Ariel is a molecular and structural virologist at the University of Queensland.
Faith Taylor

Faith Taylor

Faith is the Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer at Kyndryl.
Philip Major

Philip Major

Philip is Founder, CEO and CTO of Cyclion.

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