As we all face the daunting reality that we need to increase food production by 70 percent to feed the escalating global population by 2050, Professor HELEN WALLACE argues we should be looking skyward for one of the solutions to this monumental and multifaceted challenge.

It’s now widely accepted that consumers and investors will play a lead role in the race to net-zero as they increasingly make decisions based on a company’s ESG credentials. As STEVE OKUN explains though, for the businesses caught in the crossfire of decarbonisation transition, rising ‘stakeholder capitalism’ is a complex economic and organisational reality to deal with.

Years of R&D, science and entrepreneurialism have combined to unlock the the power of pineapples as one of clean-tech’s greatest breakthroughs. Co-Founder and CEO PETER WAINMAN reveals the personal story behind how his company discovered the cleaning effectiveness of pineapples and how they embedded circularity into the production flow.

As our lives become increasingly complex fuelled by the transition to a digital world, rising geopolitical tensions and global environmental challenges under the strains of population growth, new and emerging leaders face a daunting challenge.

Professor KATHERINE DANIELL believes cybernetics may hold the key to next-generation decision-making.