The availability of low-cost housing is becoming an increasing problem for governments everywhere but in Australia, the gap between supply and demand is massive and becoming more dire every year. Professor NICOLE GURRAN explains the scale of the crisis and some of the ways to tackle it.

It might have been invented in the 1950s but solar power continues to sit amongst the top three most utilised renewable energy sources globally. Significantly increasing efficiency from its current 25% output is the next big step forward for this 70-year-old discovery says Professor RENATE EGAN.

As governments across the world grappled with how to deal with the economic fall-out and recovery from the pandemic, stimulus spending on major infrastructure projects was a consistent global response. Respected Urban and Regional Planner Dr. DONNA FERRETTI argues the strategy was flawed when it comes to future consequences.

It might be a decade away but already, the blueprint for what the 2032 Olympic Games in Brisbane will leave behind is well underway. Dr. CAROLINE RIOT explains why there is so much more to the world’s biggest event than just two weeks of elite sport.