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  • Rubbish
    Transforming waste into green consumer goods
  • CEO
    How CEOs view the world
  • chatgpt
    How much of a threat is ChatGPT to the future of education?
  • Tasmania
    How Tasmania became carbon-negative
  • Mars
    Geophysicists scan the core of Mars
  • Life science
    Are you ready for the ‘internet of bodies’?
    07 mins : 34 secs
  • Nanotechnology
    Nanotech’s disruptive breakthrough
    07 mins : 18 secs
  • Smoke stacks
    Ranking global emissions by country
    07 mins : 13 secs
    Using AI to avoid the next pandemic
    6 mins : 12 secs
  • image
    What is the future of fossil fuels?
    9 mins : 5 secs

Sustainability Leaders Series


Geophysicists scan the core of Mars

A brilliant innovation in seismology using late waveforms to accurately scan a planet's interior will have implications for our knowledge and understanding of all planets. Professor Hrvoje Tkalčić's breakthrough work started on Mars.

What science tells us about rapid ocean warming

The world's oceans absorb more than 90 percent of the heat generated by carbon emissions. Professor MATTHEW ENGLAND'S research is critical to understanding rapid ocean warming and the ramifications of it continuing.

Will renewables ever meet energy demand?

8 mins : 56 secs Aug 2022

We have the technology and the desire but UNSW Sydney's Dr. MARK DIESENDORF argues we must reduce our spiralling energy consumption levels if we expect green energy solutions to meet the projected demands.

Ranking global emissions by country

07 mins : 13 secs Oct 2022

U.S. Ivy League universities Yale and Columbia have joined forces to create the "Environmental Performance Index" that ranks greenhouse gas emissions of 180 countries ... from best to worst.

Using AI to avoid the next pandemic

6 mins : 12 secs Oct 2022

One of the world's leading epidemiologists, Professor RAINA MACINTYRE and a philanthropic cryptocurrency billionaire have embarked on a global open-source solution to early detection of potential pandemics.