The climate crisis that all of us face, every country, every community across the globe, is so urgent, so complex and so devastating – particularly in developing countries – that we have to tackle this as a global community.

This original series, viewed more than 5 million times, was produced by APAC Network to showcase how International Financial Institutions are striving to shape a sustainable future for our planet.

A crisis that threatens every country, community, and individual worldwide demands a collective response.

The Asian Development Bank is working with a wide range of partners to urgently scale up climate action in Asia and the Pacific.

With 95 per cent of the world’s transport energy still powered by fossil fuels, the race to net zero must be accelerated in this sector.

That’s why the Nordic Investment Bank is providing significant funding to fast-track electrification.

In the heart of what many consider ‘climate change ground zero’, the Caribbean Development Bank is calling for global collaboration to help secure the future of this immensely vulnerable region.

The Islamic Development Bank is tackling the urgent need for action on climate change, by bringing the ethical and sustainable investment foundation of Islamic Finance to climate and development finance.

In a region that is home to 40% of global biodiversity, including half of the world’s tropical rainforests and 30% of our available fresh water, the Inter-American Development Bank is supporting the natural capital and biodiversity agenda in Latin America and the Caribbean in the fight against climate change.

For decades, carbon markets have been proposed as a solution to addressing climate change. This episode presented by the World Bank explains how unleashing the power of carbon markets can foster sustainable transformation and propel environmental stewardship globally. “Unlocking the Potential of Carbon Markets” features senior climate change specialist, Harikumar Gadde.

This episode presented by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development features Vera Songwe, Co-chair of the Independent High-Level Expert Group on Climate Finance; Rania Al-Mashat, Egypt’s Minister of International Cooperation; Maya Hennerkes, Director of Green Financial Systems, Climate Strategy and Delivery at the EBRD and Reham ElBeltagy, CFO of Orascom Construction.

In Africa, the cost of mitigation and adaptation is estimated at $600BN by 2030. The African Development Bank is working with international partners to close the finance gap, crucial to putting the continent on the path to a sustainable future.

This episode of Investing for a Greener World features Dr Akinwumi Adesina, President of the African Development Bank Group.

Produced by APAC Network for the world’s major development banks as a campaign for COP28, this series captures the urgency of the need to act on climate change and the scale of the response required.

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